Welcome to theXenon.org

A site dedicated to all things relating to the Topper Topaz Xenon Dinghy

The Xenon is an excellent under rated and largely undiscovered dinghy. It is well suited to both inland cruising and racing. Its relatively powerful rig and sleek lines and decent performance (and its ability to withstand the occasional bump) put it more towards the racing end of the spectrum. However its rugged build, enabling it to cope well with being pulled on to bank or beach, together with its capacity will prove very attractive to cruising sailors.

After the purchase of our Xenon we scanned the internet for information on rigging, tuning and maintenance. Surprisingly for a dinghy with this performance and price there was very little. We set about compiling useful information on all aspects of this dinghy and now have decided to share it. The purpose of this site is to publish the information we have and make it possible for others to contribute their knowledge and experience.


This site is frequently used by Xenon owners and would-be owners and if you have some hard won information or experiences that others would appreciate then contributions and comments will be welcome. Use the Comment options (you will need to login to use this facility) on the site or the Contact Us facility.

Such support adds to the steadily expanding information available to the Xenon community and  helps to make this site a valuable resource on the Xenon dinghy.

The video clip gives a flavour of the boat on a chilly day in March. If this whets your appetite, there is a handy virtual tour here.